Oooh yes, I do have a passion for old cameras! It all started a few years
ago when I bought a nice Arax 6×6 camera. In the following years I tested
and refurbished a lot of medium format cameras.

Over the years I learned how to replace light seals and how to replace
camera leatherette. I fix simple technical issues and I also learned the hard
way to stop a repair and send the camera to a well educated repair man.

Here’s a short and incomplete listing of all cameras I owned over the past years.
After testing, playing with the cameras and sometimes refurbishing them I sold
them to hunt for other interesting cameras.

Not to mention all the lenses I bought over the past years for testing and special
projects i did about lost places and Bavarian Churches.

120mm Film:
Kiev 6C, Kiev 60 and Kiev 99
Pentax 6×7, Pentax 67 and 67II
Pentacon SIX
Fuji 690 65mm, 90mm
Rolleicord’s and Rolleiflex
Zenza Bronica ETRSi
Mamiya 6
Mamiya C330 and Mamiyaflex
Mamiya 645
Mamiya RB67
Zenza Bronica SQA
Kowa SIX MM, Kowa SIX, Kowa Super 66

35mm Film:
Hasselbland XPAN
Noblex 135U
Horizon Panorama cameras
Yashica Lynx
Leica R3
Mamiya ZE-X
Minolta HiMatic F
Canonet 17 and 28
Hexar RF and AF
Kiev 4
Nikon FM
Nikon f100
Nikon F2, F3, F4 and F5
Pentax ME
Konica TC
Olympus OM10

Supercolor 635
Image 2
636 close up
Land camera 355
Land camera 180

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