About myself
1960 Born
1967 Playing with my fathers camera
1974 First own camera King Regula
1985 First SLR camera Revue ML
1987 Minolta X500
2000 First Digital camera Fuji MX2900 Zoom
2003 Panasonic DMC-FX8
2006 Pentax istDS
2007 Pentax K10D
2008 Nikon D300
2009 Nikon D3 until present
2015 Nikon D750 light and compact for traveling.

In between I also worked with Fuji X10 & X100,
Nikon 5100, Lumix G3, Olympus 4/3 system and
various other digital equipment.

Depending on my mood I enjoy working with old
medium format cameras over digital cameras.

Have fun and enjoy life.


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